Sunday, January 03, 1999


Valentone Day Greetings 1/3/1995

LOOKING AHEAD by Wally Dobelis

Greetings, Friends !

Happy friends, another year
gone before the grimsby reaper
cuts the blooms of yesterspring.
But we sing and sing and sing.
Doomsday cometh, Almanack,
Nostardamus tells us wither,
but we tither, tither, tither,
dance the life's immortal track.
We have got the silver bullet,
wer'e untouched because we care.
Doomsday never calls our number
'cause wer'e busy elsewhere.
So, dear friends, let's celebrate
drive the grimsby out of state,
keep the spark of life ablooming,
cause we care, we care, we care.
Raise a little glass of sake
for Mario Cuomo, George Pataki.
And that famous hedge-fund warhorse
Europe's savior, George Soros.
Smite the zither, clang the drum
With the Clinton pair, old chum;
Ring the chimes, change the clock
with Phyl, Irv and Herbie Block.
If these days your hope doth falter
try consulting Rabbi Alder,
Dr. Pike, Father Byrne,
Pastor Ames, Philip Rothman,
Sylvia Friedman,Steven Coe,
Evie Strouse, Barbara Harry,
Sam Isaley, Susan Parker.
Hospital's the place to rest
take a load off, get the test.
Make some calls to friends whor'e sick:
Gertrude Barber, Gene Dorfman,
Rex Wasserman, Mina Michaels.
And the doctors whor'e the best,
Friedbergs, Falkensteins, Levitzkys
(Frank Lopez may attest).
When your gall exceeds your ken
grab that old Ameche invention,
spin the dial, punch the code,
give the word to Barry Farber,
Lynn Samuels, Bob Grant, old fren.
If your'e musically inclined,
play a gentle obbligato
for Sens Moynihan, d'Amato,
Goodman, Abate and Fred Ohrenstein.
And for the Gramercy Park gang,
Aldon James, Peter Ryan,
James Dougherty, Jack Taylor,
Arlene Harrison, May Miculis
Arthur Abbey and the rest.
Raise a little glass of vino
To Clint Blume and Dom Crispino,
Marvin Silver, Ray Gold
Gary Papush, Nicholas Fish,
Lou Sepersky, Gerald Schriffen.
If yore kids need educallion (sp),
see Rich Eldridge, Ann Sullivan
Jean LeShaw and Jean Ramirez,
William Freedman, Robert Durkin,
that's the rollcall, I'm demurrrin'.
Now for law and order, bird:
Honor Robert Ward, Fed Court,
Hon Jay Dankberg (and Louise)
then yer life will be a breeze.
But if yer fixed on drugs or booze
Captain Duffy, Owen Hughes
will provide the right enviro
to keep you a crime tyro.
If reading be your only crime,
gentle books about the past
Carol Klein's remarks will last.
As for words that will infuri-
ate you, try some Charles Murray,
soon to be rich Newton Gingrich.
Good Antonio Pagan will enrich
your lifestyle with words and deeds,
Tom and Nan DeRosa helping,
Carol Maloney will hold hands.
Jane Crotty, Steve Sanders,
Andy Eristoff, Charles Millard;
Thomas Jefferson will watch.
Agnes Atwood, Edith Charlton,
Jack Bringmann and Al Doyle,
Jo-Ann Polise, Pete Doukas,
yes, the names will never end.
If your business needs a doctor
just one name - Carol Schachter.
If antiquity's is your thing,
give a call to Donald King.
Editors of great renown,
spelling is their star in crown,
grammar of profuse perplexion,
words from gens and gens of diction-
aries: Tod Maisel and Frank Griffin.
Company to drink a beer in
Rob Walsh, Tom Knierim,
E.K.Kane, esteemed friend
Herman Diamond, no end
of the folks who make a life.
So I wish you all a snort
of a Scotch, purefied, no blend.
Save a thought for those who bleed
make a wish for those who need,
say a prayer for the world
wer'e the ones who lucked out.
May the priestly words descend,
benediction for the world, no end.
If imitation be the sincerest form of flattery, Wally Dobelis flatters James Sullivan, Harold Ross and Roger Angell.

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