Friday, November 10, 1995


rosset to Levy

Iam Curious yellow was not much of a movie, and the book, with stills from the picture, not nuch of an opus. Yet, when it opened in art houses, it had the biggest grosses, and the lines went around the block. Today it would barely rate as R, but in 196x things were different.

The novelty was such that the PO dept saw fit to sue the pub Barney Rossett, and the case went to the SCt, with a Mex standoff of 4-4, bec just Douglas abstained, since he had recently received an honorarium from Rosset's Evergreen Press for an article.

This would have been the end of it, but then the PO discovered that Arnold Levy (longtime neighb at 2nd Av and 19th St) owner of World Wide Boooks was selling remaindered copies for S1 via the US mails. It was aloss leader, the books cost him 80c but the PO sent cops to pick Arnold up at his residence 19thSt and 2nd Av, and jailed him, with 15 indictments.

Arnold had the help of Al Gerber, Phil lawyer lond specializung in 1st Am cases, and the whole thing was dismissed in the Bridgeport Federal Court 2nd Circuit) by Judge xx Feldman (who was once a cand for the S Ct bench Bush/Clint?

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