Wednesday, June 12, 1996


Carol Greitzer notes

Carol Greitzer 2554979
Got invol spekr bur, stev camp 1952in dc 1956 ny ad agcy Stev camp

Ellen Karnoff hus dentist start VID
Ed Gold head CDV pres club vchai CB2

Carol pres VID kock lost 3way the Kins/french vs Schoelkopf/lan 1960

Dl61 Wag campaign ran ahead beat Des
Stev came to elect
Good funds Steve, Jack Kaplan Harvard clb cospons lunch

clubhse Barrow &7av above dry cleaners few weeks, then 224 W4
carol stev camp captain

61 Des laost decisively
63 by 41 to ed rerun
65 redistricted, incl part of little it and chels

Won couns 2/3 after Koch 68 to Cong, until 1991.

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