Thursday, September 05, 1996


Golf notes, 1960s New York

There are lots of golf courses: Van C, Mosholu, Pelham and Sp Rock
Dyker beach and marrine park
Clearview, forest Park, Kissena and Clearview
La Tourette, Silver Lake and South Shore

Arrangements vary slightly between golf courses,essentially you come to the course and get a city resident's $6 permit (show id), then pay greens fees of $21 weekends, $19 weekdays (gas carts are $25 and $24, not obligatory). Weekend waits may be 2-3 hrs, wekday after work 30 min or less. I n the 1960s we paid $1.75 weekdays, 50 c more weekends. If you had a $15 pass, you paid 75 c additional weekdays, 1.25 weekends.

A tennis photo permit is $50 (I paid $7.50), come to the Arsenal Blding 9-4 weekdays, 9-12 Sat, get your picture ID.

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